Gang Saw Washing : Wilber Flexy 9000
It cleans the Slabs, Trolly. It cleans the raining unit. It reduces the slabs washing time. It reduces the change over time.
Wilber Invisible
A speedy application system, without solvents. Colour will not change has to be minimum use this for effective result...
Wilber Dark
It is a high performance epoxy, when polished gives excellent glass - effect glossiness to the granite....
Wilber is an organization of quality and values; it's a brain child of entrepreneurs having over a decade of experience in Granite & Floor Tiles industry.

The uniqueness is its "sales & technical support from qualified chemical engineers & highly experienced technician at doorstep". 'Sales & Service' being the two faces of a single coin; this is the differentiator that the segment is looking for and Wilber is practicing.

We believe "ASAP is our USP". Product delivery on time is the KEY of our business success. We understand industry's working schedule.

It is no more a High tech specialty science to produce epoxy and cutting chemicals. It is more of service, colour and chemical combination, and we are the 'Experts' in this. We have already initiated talks with International partners for Joint Venture or Technology partner to enhance business opportunities and its operations with wider range of products that cater to world market.